You read that right, the teenager who never quite fit in, the one they called spaz, the one in the random outfits that were never in fashion.

   But guess what - all that ended up being my superpower! I see the potential in what others walk past. Through what is now called my bubbly personality. I use my energy to put you at ease..That same lack of fashion, Well, I was ahead of my time...thrifting before popping tags was cool. You should see my client style closet!

   Okay, so if you are still with me, what does this have to do with YOUR senior photos? Well, A LOT! Each photo session to me is a chance to help you push past the insanity of high school and becoming a young adult; a chance to show the world without hesitation who you are! Want to rock Gucci? Go for it. Want to wear a hello kitty onesie? Let’s do this! Shy and not sure? Let me help you find your inner voice and display it to the world!! 20 years from now, high school won’t matter, but WHO YOU ARE IN THIS MOMENT DOES AND WILL. Let's show them what you are made of.

 i was the weird kid ...


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I have been a photographer for over 10 years .
I often laugh until I cry when I am with my friends.
I married my best friend in 2010 and he is a really awesome guy!
I have a dog named Grover who is pretty much the best fur dude ever.
I have photographed over 100 weddings.
I am the oldest of 5 kids - 3 girls & 2 boys.
I LOOVE Thai & Korean Food.

My life motto is:
Meaning: do good even when it is unseen, unappreciated, and unreciprocated.

I love to photograph people! not to just get pretty images, but to capture thier worth.

all the small things...

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"Erica was amazing with my granddaughter throughout the session. She brought out the looks and poses I had no idea were in my granddaughter! She has a natural eye for unique settings for awesome photos! I had as much fun as my granddaughter did. Thank you Erica for our cherished memories! "